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The Willerby Grange Secret

I am proud to share that I have completed my first Audiobook for Amazon.

It's been a great experience having full control in regards to bringing the book to life. In truth, there is no contact between me and the Author which means I gain full control over the tone, pace and character choices. Essentially the Audiobook is my version of the story which is exciting!

The daunting part of being involved in these projects is that they are based on royalties. So, if the book fails to make many sales, a serious amount of time and effort counts for nothing. You imagine every time I say a word wrong, make a voice wrong, every single mouth click! That takes a hell of a long time to make perfect in post-production. As it's my first project I kinda had to wing it. Audible have a lot of requirements in post-production before it can go on sale. Even after the book being published I'm still trying to figure out how to use Audacity!

So what's next? Well the producer of this book told me he was working with several different Authors and that If I do a good job, he would gain me more work. Within only a week of producing this book, he asked me to audition for another book. I found myself trying to do these awful female dutch accents etc for some steamy adult read, questioning myself; what am I doing? Next minute I find out I got the book!

Below are links to 'The Willerby Grange Secret' which can be found on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. It's a great read suitable for all ages.

The Willerby Grange Secret Bio:

Ben Bristow is married to Jess. They have two children, Alice and Jack, and they live in a small village in the Cotswolds. Ben is left an inheritance by an uncle, a rambling old house called Willerby Grange, situated on the East Yorkshire coast. The house dates back to the year 1570 and is steeped in a checkered history. It is full of intrigue and mystery, strange noises, and even stranger discoveries. This book will fascinate the listener from the first minute to the last.

Much love,

Joshua Adam Harris xx

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